Machine Shop Tours: Vintage Machinery

September 9, 2020 9:21 am


Legendary Keith Rucker – opened the doors of the machine shop he built by himself and showed us his vintage machines.

Keith Rucker is quite a celebrity in the machining community. He first approached the metalworking trade as an apprentice back in the eighties. At that time his goal was just to save up money for college and after three years of work in a machine shop, he moved on to new ventures. The machining passion, however, never left Keith, and over the years the need to make, fix and restore things became stronger and led him to build his own machine shop in South Georgia and take on restoration projects.

Keith’s shop is filled with incredible pieces of machinery that he restored by himself. His passion for vintage machinery also led him over the course of the years to start the website, one of the most complete online repositories of information related to all kinds of old machinery, and build a successful YouTube channel featuring over 600 machinery and restoration videos.

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