Calibration Tips: How to Calibrate Your Laser, Probe and Machine

September 9, 2020 11:35 am


Calibrating your machine tool is key to machine extremely precise parts consistently. Dale Mickelson, experienced machinist and founder of, showed us how to get the job done. Modern machine tools are built to machine parts consistently and with maximum accuracy. Even the most precise tool, however, will eventually be subject to positioning errors over time as an effect of natural wear and tear, crashes, and failing or worn out moving parts. For this reason, calibration is fundamental and should be conducted regularly.

The process of calibrating a machine tool varies depending on the machine model and the tools you have. In most cases, the operation requires the use of precision measuring tools, such as probes. Just as machine tools, probes need to be calibrated in order to get their job done. One of the most common ways to calibrate a probe is through a laser, which in turn, also requires occasional calibration.

Dale Mickelson, founder of, has cumulated decades of experience in advanced machining, helping machine shops optimizing their applications and consulting machine tool builders. In this video, he demonstrates how to calibrate a laser, a probe, and a machine tool.

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