Deep Hole Drilling, Tool Tests at Walter Tools

June 27, 2022 2:17 pm


Sometimes it’s tool life, true position or chip evacuation. In this case, an aerospace customer approached Walter Tools about extreme deep hole drilling – over 50xD – and it was the team’s job to define the optimal parameters for the tool specs and log the results to make the best recommendations possible.

Join Sarang Garud, Walter Tools Product Manager, as he walks through the tool test report.

At the end, the customer was given not only a tooling recommendation, but a full machining strategy best practice to achieve their goal.

This is absolutely free for Walter customers. You just send the workpiece and the necessary fixturing and they will conduct the entire test. As the customer you will receive an entire report that includes the strategy. It may feel like information overload, but at the end you’re handing a completely proven out process.

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