Raising the CUTTING TOOL Bar | MAKING THE CUT featuring Walter Tools

December 17, 2021 12:41 pm


Circular interpolation and full slotting on an extremely “unstable” part hanging off a workpiece, specialized coolant groove geometries, and crankshaft machining cutters with probably the greatest number of inserts on a single tool you’ve ever seen.

We covered a lot of ground. Come take a look inside the Walter Tools Technology Center in Wisconsin!

At this location, Walter Tools focuses on tool tests for research and development (which they were kind enough to let us throw our GoPro in their machine to watch front row). They also host some of the best training and education for their customers, along with customer support.

A special thanks to our stellar hosts, product managers Sarang Garud and Luke Pollock, and tech center manager John Jansen.

Sarang Garud is a product manager with an impressive resume of drilling-focused roles throughout his career. Sarang brought the heat with his expertise in stationary tooling.

Luke Polluck is a product manager and cutting tool engineer focusing on milling, PCD tooling, and indexable and round tools. Luke showed us the ins and outs of special application tooling.

John Jansen is the manager of the technology center, but he was first a machinist for 28 years. John rounds out our visit showcasing applications and demos.

Learn more about Walter Tools here  and follow them here:


Making The Cut is all about manufacturing technology and our goal is to bring a representation of the guys on the shop floor, into those manufacturing technology conversations. Have any questions or wish we covered something you didn’t see? Let us know in the comments what you think and what you would like to see next time! Stay tuned because we have more Making The Cut episodes coming very soon! What do you want us to cover next?

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