Crowdfunding for Machine Shops - Crash Course

January 11, 2022 9:55 am

“If turning a machined product into tens of thousands of dollars in 30 days sounds too good to be true, it is… unless you’re a machinist.”

Are you a CNC machinist and want to start your own shop? Mike from Flux Workholding has used an unconventional way to get his machining business off the ground. It is called crowdfunding, with crowdfunding Mike was able to launch 20 unique products thus generating hundreds of thousands of dollars. According to Mike, crowdfunding stacks the odds in your favor.

There isn’t a better person to show you the crowdfunding ropes.

This video will answer the following: What is crowdfunding? How does crowdfunding work? Mike’s method for crowdfunding How to replicate Mike’s method for crowdfunding.

Mike also created unique workholding solutions and established his business Flux Workholding.

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