From Zero Machining Experience to Running Her Own Shop... In Just 5 Years | Machining Stories

March 11, 2022 11:11 am


Melissa is the owner and founder of M95 Machining. Melissa never knew she would someday own a machine shop, let alone one that would take on a project for Tesla. Seem impossible? It wasn’t for Melissa. But that doesn’t mean there weren’t barriers and challenges to overcome along the way.

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Melissa was surprised and excited to learn about the community of women in machining; it was much larger than many expect. It is important for Melissa to share with the world that machining is a great path for women and men alike.

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  • Eric says:

    Great Job Melissa

    Where are you located??

  • Jim says:

    Hello Melissa,
    I’ve been a machinist for 35 years and I’m a gay man. Like you, I met resistance and ridicule. But I enjoy this trade that I got exposed to from my uncle. I had a small business years ago, but didn’t get enough repeat business to keep it afloat. But I do have a small shop set up in my basement and do scale model building and take in an occasional job. There are a couple possibilities of restarting a business again. If it works, great. I consider it an accomplishment for a gay man in my generation to just have successfully remained a machinist. Like you said in your video, hard work and perseverance often end in success.
    Best of luck to pursuing your dream. Keep up the hard work.

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