Why I Moved My Machine Shop To Europe - Machining Stories

July 23, 2021 1:20 pm


Welcome to Luke Rickert’s, of Elisenberg Engineering, machine shop, nestled in a quaint, French, mountain town. Not only will Luke introduce his impressive machine lineup, but also sits down with us to share his unique engineering turned machining story.

With a background in mechanical engineering and physics, Luke’s experiences range from designing seat attachments for Boeing to creating mezzanine structures in a factory. Practicing as both an engineer and machinist has cultivated an important and relevant industry perspective.

“There is an artificial separation between roles (engineers and machinists), that makes sense from an organizational standpoint, but not from a practical standpoint.”

Luke emphasizes the importance of a cooperation between the two disciplines, for no engineer or machinist can really do their job without understanding what the other is doing.

“A mechanical engineer needs to understand what it takes to actually make the parts. This cohesion will produce better quality results.”

We are interested to hear your experience and perspective on the engineer / machinist dynamic. The remainder of the video focuses on his journey into the mountains to build the dream shop. You won’t find another machine shop quite like this one.

Check out Elisenberg Engineering here.

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