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  • Hi Adama

    Many thanks for your response to my post, it is very helpful to have advice from other people who understand the industry. I'm not sure my post really conveyed the situation as well as i would have liked. For the last year I have worked a 50hr week and he has done 32hrs he is selfemployed and chooses which days/hrs he works. The additional machine will be added on to my workload rather than his so he will be doing no more than 32hrs but he will only be paid the rate for 25 hrs. Also the profit is split into 3 one for me one for him and what is left goes back into the company. We both draw a £23400 salary. Although i pay for all machine loans, credit for customers and stock levels. Which i hope to get back when i retire. I think what i was asking was at the moment he gets £28300 for 1536hrs this year with the new machine he would get only £20800 in salary but he should get at least £28650 minimum possibly as much as £40000, again for a 32hr week but it is a risk.
    Hi Jacek

    yes, when the cross feed "hits" the stops it stops as soon as the table has travelled fully to one side (forget which but its always the same side). It does not reverse direction - feed back across, you have to do that! By flipping the little switch and manually feeding it off of the stop before it will restart by depressing the table traverse leaver.

    Hope that clears it up?

    Good luck


    I read Your post about Jones and Shipman. It helped me very much, thank You! But the most important thing to me is still not clear - if the machines crossfeed is going back and forth(and on and on...) after hitting dogs(on side of the machines). It is standard in I think every surface grinding machines that I have worked on, that the cross feed is going to the machine and back to the operator(and on and on) after hiting the dogs, but on J&S 540 after hitting the dogs the machines feed is turning off... So to be clear, would You kindly tell me if the machine has automatic back and forth cross feed or do I have to flip the little switch(on cross feed hand wheel) every time i want the machine to change direction of cross feed?

    Best regards!
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