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  • Hey I noticed you are interested in the planer here, the same one my son is very interested in, he really really needs/wants this for his scraping/refurbishment of machines. Let me tell you something personal and private about my son he was born with a heart condition,(tricuspidatresia) but he's pretty healthy for someone who has only half of his heart, he was fortunate enough to have make a wish have Richard King give him a private class for him and he loves scraping and wants do do this professional he's only 17 but very smart, and pretty good at it , I'm not sure what plans you would have for it but it would be nice for my son to get it . Thank you for your time Thomas Hightower btw you could ask Richard King about me and my son thanks again
    a guy has been advertizing a17" clausing mascote on Seattle CL.(in Belfair or Seabeck IIRC) he wants 4k, says weight about 5000lbs. Looks like a nice machine.
    Regards, Ed.
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