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  • Bob help! We are in Warren MI and need Ms-DOS help. Errors we are experiencing. The failed hard drive was cloned but new identical drives not working. General failure reading drive C. General failure reading drive CORY (what is CORY)? Bad or missing C:\DOS\HIMEM.SYS Error in CONFIG.SYS line 1 HMA not available: Loading DOS low C:\>mode mono Then nothing. Maybe the 2 clones weren't done correctly?
    Got the grinding wheels,thanks. It will probably be next week before we can try them out.
    Tried sending this as a PM but your inbox is full.

    Just curious, do you have any connection with Patriot solid carbide endmills? If so, do you have a catalog or spec sheet you could sent to me? Thanks. :)
    Hi Bob,

    I would like you to look at a production part my new day job produces out of 4140/4150 up to 48 HRc. It has an internal 90 degree thread utilizing carmex style laydown threading inserts. I understand Swift Tool (in the Seattle area) sends these to Michigan for modification from a standard 60 degree insert, an some coating is also applied. I wonder if it is you that the send the work to. If you are interested let me know.

    I hope you are enjoying the three flute mics I sold you.

    Mark Froehlich
    Hey Bob,

    I am happy to give "likes" when I feel they are deserved. PM is much stronger with the specialists such as yourself that can help with knowledge of carbide inserts and their grinding expertise. I thank you for your contribution. I know what its like to feel overwhelmed by the vast knowledge this site amasses. Humble gents like yourself have made me feel more comfortable sharing when I find a thread I can contribute to.

    Froehlich Tool and Machine Works
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