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  • Got the grinding wheels,thanks. It will probably be next week before we can try them out.
    Tried sending this as a PM but your inbox is full.

    Just curious, do you have any connection with Patriot solid carbide endmills? If so, do you have a catalog or spec sheet you could sent to me? Thanks. :)
    Hi Bob,

    I would like you to look at a production part my new day job produces out of 4140/4150 up to 48 HRc. It has an internal 90 degree thread utilizing carmex style laydown threading inserts. I understand Swift Tool (in the Seattle area) sends these to Michigan for modification from a standard 60 degree insert, an some coating is also applied. I wonder if it is you that the send the work to. If you are interested let me know.

    I hope you are enjoying the three flute mics I sold you.

    Mark Froehlich
    Hey Bob,

    I am happy to give "likes" when I feel they are deserved. PM is much stronger with the specialists such as yourself that can help with knowledge of carbide inserts and their grinding expertise. I thank you for your contribution. I know what its like to feel overwhelmed by the vast knowledge this site amasses. Humble gents like yourself have made me feel more comfortable sharing when I find a thread I can contribute to.

    Froehlich Tool and Machine Works
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