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  • Good afternoon! I'm interested in trying to do some id grooving with the MNP. Could you send me an example of what this unit would look like? It would be on 1.5 1215 steel, .625 id bore, .812 groove dia., .25 from face to front of groove. Also do you use the normal offset page to change diameter? I currently use this to position a tap when I want to apply oil. This unit seems to give you more control. Thanks in advance for your help!
    Hey seen that you sold a leblond makino ct40 back in 2009, I found one in running condition for sale at 7,000 I've never ran one Im more familiar to Mori's and daewoo for lathes. is that a good price for that lathe and I so hows the control and are they reliable?
    Good news Andrew!! Does your T2 QT15 have the FR-SF drive?? Both of mine do.
    On a T32 machine, you change the FR-SF parameters at the control...
    Greg, Thank You for the tip, I got accel decel slow just right, I really appreciated your help. Hope I will be able to return the favor some day
    Andrew Mattesco
    I finally isolated it to the FX884 board, sent it off to MEAU and just got it back. They found that the software was corrupted, blanked it and reloaded it for $2600.00. Now it works like a charm! This was the first time I have seen anything of the sort!

    Thanks for the Input!
    I see you help a lot of people with T-2's. I just purchased an 87 QT15 with a T-2 after hooking up and reinstalling parameters everything works great except the machine thinks the turret is on the opposite side of the spindle! I have another T2 and don't believe programming is an issue, I programmed a face op going from X2.00 to X0. , however the tool tip travels across X centerline to -2.00 and faces to X 0., when I run a BAR OUT process it does the same and runs the path correctly but all on the - side of the spindle centerline! Tool path on the simulation shows the tool tip coming up from the bottom right side of the screen while my other QT15 with a T2 shows everything from the upper right side. Got any ideas?? Mazak and Mitsubishi can't help!!!!
    I need some help!! I'm trying to track down some replacement chips for SF-CA boards. Specifically the DK-456. I know there are ways around Mitsu propriatary nonsense but having a hell of a time doing so... Seems to be a fairly common problem. Can anybody shoot me in the right direction??
    Hey D.,
    I don't know how to slow the spindle accel on the Lynx. I have slowed the accel on my Mazaks, but have never attempted it with the Lynx. Maybe a call to Doosan (Daewoo), or Fanuc??
    Reading your post on the chuck jaws for S series type collets...I would certainly be interested in buying something like that...
    would you be willing to manufacture and sell them?
    Hi Nick,
    Go to MEAU's wesite (Mitsubishi Electric). They have service manuals you can download for the FR-SF drive.
    You can source the base transistors, new, on Ebay.
    Since you have lost 2 power supplies, the top card, SF-CA, may beginning to fail, thus shorting your power supply. MEAU can evaluate your SF-CA, and repair if necessary for about $700.
    Good luck,

    My name is Nick, and I was wondering if you could help me out. I read your post about checking for bad base transistors and chips on a freqrol Fr-sf drives. Can you tell or send me something on how to?
    [email protected]

    P.s. A little backround, my power supply died, I replaced some caps in it. It worked for a couple months. Power supply went out again, this time we bought a new one, worked for 2 days, then went out again
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