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  • Really, other than trying the factory you are kind of stuck with ebay, or build/ modify one.
    I built a follow rest for the one I had.
    Great lathes! Should never have sold mine��
    Hello there. I picked up a Standard Modern 1530 from the local college. Unfortunately over the years, the steady rest has gone missing. I have searched around, but parts for S-M lathes seem scarce for some reason. You wouldn't have any thoughts on where I might find one?
    there are a couple of places where the quill can get stuck;
    1) feed rate sclector should be in a neutral position
    2) power feed selector on l/h side of mill head should be in the out position,
    3) the feed clutch should be disengaged.

    seeing you took the auto feed speed selector rod out , you may have to open the cover on the back of the head and clean out a couple of handfull of grease and get the little gears on the shaft realigned so that you can push the rod back in.
    do you have a manual?
    if not I'll send you a link to on online.
    Hi I saw your response to a post about rebuilding the head on your mill. My 860 I believe has the same head and quill is stuck so I opened up the auto feed speed selector and found a shaft in there. It slides freely back and forth but when I removed it from the head I found a moon shaped spring on the metal attached to selector Rod. Now I can’t get it to go back in all the way and was wondering if you had problems with this during assembly. Also any ideas where else I should check for a stuck quill. It doesn’t work with handle or power feed.

    Thank you

    Hi nice king tool what are the level vial model number, and when you made your king may I purchase a set of drawings from you if possible that wouls be a great help.

    Thanks Mike
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