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Agie HSS150 U/V mechanism


Hot Rolled
Apr 19, 2006
Missouri, USA
We have an old (~1996 I believe) Agie HSS 150 EDM at work. Something sprung a leak in the box that houses the U/V mechanism and submerged it in water for an unknown amount of time. We didn't know anything was wrong until the rubber skirt on the top started to inflate. You can see that there is now a fair bit of rust. Given that there are roller bearings in there for the axis motions, I would think that it needs to come apart to be cleaned up. If anyone has had theirs apart, any guidance would be appreciated.


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I've seen it happen it is fun to watch. looks like jiffy pop. a fitting on a cooling block broke. you will need two motors. the assembly comes apart easy. leave the rails in place remove the slides. pay attention to the position of the roller carriages, count how many roller pins are still in the v- guide when the slide disengages.
We finally got around to taking that mechanism apart. Once we got into it, it was more straightforward than I anticipated. There is certainly some rust, but everything looks like it will clean up ok, except for the motors, I'm not optimistic about those. We were trying to think of things we could do to prevent this issue in the future, which brought up a question. Why are the blocks were the motors attach water cooled to begin with? We rarely use the U/V functionality, how bad would it be if we just didn't reconnect the water?
Sorry for the big delay but just getting back into monitoring this site!

A while back I wrote an article for EDM Today Magazine about disassembling the UV head and a second one later that shows exactly what you found!


The second one that shows what you found is in the magazine but not posted on line yet.

I put good technical articles about servicing the AGIE machines in the Vintage EDM section.

Just to let you know for future use I have many of the UV heads in stock for the AC120 thru AC320 machines if you are ever looking for parts again!