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Consumables for Plasma Cutter


Mar 12, 2001
New Haven, CT
I have a hypotherm PowerMax 800 plasma cutter that I haven't used in a long time and last time I did it turned out that most of the consumables were spent. Now it's time to invest in a bunch of new consumables for the torch. I see that there are a lot of companies now offering the parts does it take to get genuine ones? Also it's been some time since I've done any amount of plasma cutting and the limited amount I did in the day wasn't that much. Are there certain consumables I need to carry more of on hand versus other portions of the gun that last longer? Any recommendations where to get the pieces?

Also anyone have any tips on how to get longer life out of one's consumables? I seem to recall the few times I've used them they don't last me that long and it seems like I should get a lot longer life out of them.


Life- dry clean air. Think you have dry clean air run it thru another filter/dryer. Do not run at max power if you do not need max power.

Change nozzle and electrode at same time. Seems wasteful at first- but you get noticeable better cuts and longer life.

Hypertherm consumables for a hypertherm. Save 10 dollars on generics to spend 30 on abrasives and 5 on aspirin and another few from failing consumables.

You can go a long time - many thousands and years of cutting without changing anything but nozzle and electrode. The other parts can fail from slag build up (and then heat from slag), bad air, dirt, a fly in the ointment, other random acts of plasma...

2 of everything at all times, at least 6 nozzle/electrodes is good starting point.

Welding supplies from IOC is good price for retail quantities and fast enough shipping.
something might be wrong. 2yr ago i bought the 30xp and still on original parts. for sure i dont use it everyday but ive used it quit a bit. it doesnt cut as crisp as new parts but still cuts plenty good for general use
with hypertherm consumeables specifically, there is a video on youtube of the hypertherm owner spec out when to change consumeables.

IMO I have cut thousands of holes with a 30, what kills it most is starts and slag blowing up into the tip. then also water is terrible on it.
the electrodes are like $10, and the tips are like $7, just bought 20 of each.
the older machines never lasted as long as the newer torch designs,

Either way, only buy genuine.
We operate both air plasma as well as Hi def plasma, All Hypertherm power sources, somewhere around 15 units. We have in the past experimented with aftermarket consumables and have found that the factory Hypertherm comsumables worked best.