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Fanuc EDM Macro Question


Cast Iron
Jun 9, 2022
Phoenix, Arizona
In my programs I use the system timer #3001 for time tracking.
However on my newer machine I discovered that it is cleared by either the RESET button or the RESTART button when I have to take care of a shorted out wire or a slug drop that did not go well.

It there a better timer I can use? I don't like the 'Cut Time' on the monitor screen as it only appears to work when the wire feed / EDM power is in operation. ( misses fill time, threading time, AWR time )

Machine is a C400i-B with the 31i-W control. Attached are the software versions.


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Not really a workable solution.
If I stored at every movement block, It would only be 8 blocks. but the wire short outs are not always in the same areas. The system timer variable is 'hidden' and can't be viewed normally from a screen. It can only be read by a macro, and when the issue happens, you have to RESET to run any program or MDI, Losing any time you had.
Solved !
The newer machine must have a much larger look-ahead buffer than the old machine does.

I am clearing the timer for every tool path. Cut Hole, Skim Hole, Cut OD Profile..
It was clearing the timer like 10 lines before it was supposed to.
The Profile cut that takes 81 min was being counted at 45 sec because of the unintended timer resets.

Use your M52 to block the buffer.