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Help with Leblond lathe chuck change

last rites

Dec 28, 2010
northern steeler nation
I have a 19" swing leblond, I would like to put a smaller self centering size on. From what I see it looks like it's just on with a collar. Is there one I can use, (without spending lots).

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Not enough info !! Sounds like you have a"L' style spindle with the collar. But even with a Chinese new chuck depending on size and mount most likely $300 up.
Outside of the collar is 5.250 infront of it, which is what comes off the backside of the face is 4.125.

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After opening the picture click on it again to enlarge. Yes looks like you have a "L-0" spindle. Your current chuck has a integral back plate,so if you get a "flat back " chuck you will also need a back plate.
Recent photo of Walter's LO (relates to link in Post # 3)


The collar has right hand threads.

That means if you are in front of the lathe, the spanner will go UP and AWAY from you in the process of loosening - since you are unscrewing it from the back of the chuck
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