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Jun 7, 2023
Morning, all.
I have G-code experience but this job just put me on an old Mazak and this language is greek to me. Trying my hand at stepping up from setup-operator to programming machinist on this integrex 200y - dunno what exact software it's running but it's being a pain in the ass. I've been able to program face, bar out, drill, manual gcode (endmill plunge to flatten the bottom of the drill hole), and bar in cycles.

Current conundrum is that I'm trying to program a #3ctrdrll cycle into the bottom face of this bore - trial and error thus far has either resulted in the machine calling me braindead, or the drill cycle autofilling with a #6 centerdrill (note i have the #3 loaded and described in the tooldata page!) and a subsequent jobber drill peck.

I opt for a spdrl cycle and it doesn't give me an option to select a centerdrill.

Anyone have a knack for this? Apologies if I'm entirely indecipherable, the wildfire haze might be getting to me :P
Number 3A drill is located and described in tool file. But you can make an additional tool 3B for the back of the turret, OR THE FRONT.
I have emills in fixed positions on my turrets and use then for drills, and they are clocked for use as boring bars too. Plastics and brass. 3A and 3B. Some go to 3 c,d,e,f.