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need help to i d this tool


Jun 1, 2004
i received some things the other day and this was in the mix [ insta- vise 200 ] i tried to look it up but could not find any info it if some one can help . thanks


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If the Amazon product description doesn't make it clear, you put a round or hex thing through one of the two holes in the plate and then tilt the plate, bringing the edges of the hole up against the side of the thing, jamming it in place. I am not familiar with InstaVise specifically, but there are lots of these
"floor vises" or "plate vises". Often they are intended to be held down with one foot maintaining the jamming action while you use a saw to cut the pipe/conduit/UniStrut/whatever. The InstaVise looks like it's too small for that, so that boss with the hole probably attachs to some other part of the device.

Look up TriVise and LumberLok for similar plate vises.
Google wasn't in my favor either, but found a picture of it in use.

Maybe there's legitimate application.... but my first thoughts are if I order one now, they'll probably throw in an egg slicer, and if I order in the next five minutes, they'll double my order!