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Tool Setter Help


Feb 2, 2016
Lakeland, Florida
I posted this thread originally in the machine specific forum, thought I would extend it and see if anyone has an idea on this. Still waiting on a call back from Haas

I recently recalibrated my tool setter on our Haas st25y lathe. I set my settings (59,60,333,334) and my macros (10582, 10583, 10584, 10585) as they should be. After some minor tweeks on the x axis after testing everything I checked my z and it is still of -1.19. everything tool I touch off on z+ is off -1.19. I have double checked my settings( it should be 0 and is) and macro 10584 (same) and both are right. I know I can fudge the numbers and make it work, but I want to figure out why it is doing this. i cleared all tool data and work offsets before starting as well. Any Ideas? Maybe a setting I am missing?