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Jun 27, 2012
Tennessee USA
A couple of opportunities sent to me I wanted to pass along. I have no interest in, knowledge of, or control of either of these. I won't take either position but perhaps it could help somebody here.

John Deere- (Waterloo Iowa) Tool Designer 3 for 3 year (or longer) contract. Should be a hands-on type for fitment/testing of tooling designs. Usual cross functional duties and interactions for tooling designer. Offering a 3+ year contract sounds like a large project that may ensure 3+ years of earning potential, most average contracts are written for 12 months duration. Contact Deere directly or me off list for headhunter contact.

Louisville Ky- die designer for flat and progressive stamping dies. Must have 3D CAD experience. Direct hire, relocation assistance offered. Don't know the details but the head hunter has asked for my assistance finding someone for this job I turned down two weeks ago. Sounds like they're running up on a time toll gate. Contact me off list and I'll send the contact.