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  • Any progress on the TP surface grinder spindles........ I've got as you well know, two.
    No have not done anything, other projects have pushed the grinder aside for the present.
    Cheers Ross
    If you get to that point, give me a nudge, we can put at least 3 eyes on this.
    Yes, but likely it will be awhile.
    My issue is surface finish.
    Surface looks to have small waves for lac of a better description.
    Had the ways reground and new grade 10 balls ( ball tec) on the Taft.
    Don’t have a way to balance the wheel.
    Cheers Ross
    Hello and thank you for all your knowledge of Deckel machines. I have a question that I hope you can answer for me. I have a FP4NC which is beautiful and runs perfectly but the other day my display went out.. I found a company in china that makes a replacement but after I sent them the money they started asking me questions about the machine that they should already know. I will ask you though so I can let them know and maybe get a monitor not a screwing from china. I have determined that the NCR-52 is the video card by the aux monitor connection attached and verified with your board layout post in the deckel forum. My question is do you know what the pinouts are on this connection so I can inform them? If you can with this I would much appreciate it. Thank you for your time.
    Ross when wil the shop close for the Christmas Holiday. Jim Allen here in Kuwait. I will be in California to see my sister and would like to stop by and see what you and Phill are working on.


    Forgot to ask, where those spiffy modular dollies that you had came from? Trust the Grinder is working well.

    Over the weekend I emptied my shop and cleaned up. Needed to make room for a new Baileigh pneumatic shop press. Hope I won't regret this.... waaaay to cheap.


    I've got an FP3 that's about a 1970 vintage. I went through it and replaced gears and details. When I bought it the universal table hinges were broken. I tig welded them with nickel rod, and reamed and bushed them. They broke a few years later. Now I'm looking at the universal table that one of the members is selling. It seems the hinges may not really be a significant factor in the function of the table once it's all tightened down. Do you feel this older machine is even worth putting anything into. I know the vertical spindle needs rebuilding. So if I put four or five grand into spindle and table, I would have a Deckel. I know you are a thrifty kind of person, like me, but that perhaps I'm missing something major that might be worth another person's thoughts.

    I've even brainstormed how to eliminate the table hinges and retrofit something else. But it's a tough one. And even a careful weld on that thin casting is just not very strong.


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