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  • hey kpotter !

    There's a thread where someone wants to put a Haas in their bedroom or something, but they mentioned that there's an Office Mill on fleabay. That would be SUPER for what you described as your purposes. Those things are real popular for tiny parts and hard to find.

    Just thought I'd mention it.
    als machinerey in tucson az. he has a website als machinerey.com. his number is 520 574 2776 he may sell one but he is like all machinerey dealer a hoarder. He has lots of parts shipping containers full of stuff but no telling if he can find it.
    Hello i seen your old post i was looking for south bend lathe parts for a 13 inch lathe model 145-b i am in bad need of a forward reverse handel for the lead screaw and two of the sping loaded pins for a gear box see were u said u had parts i dont know if u still do but would u please get back to me ether way on these parts thank you for ur time
    My son is starting out blacksmithing and I can't find anything around where we live thats big enough. He also has a big ego so I guess that had some to do with it too. Most of the ones I have found the guys think that their junk is worth a million dollars for a worn out hunk of metal. Thanks -Steve.
    Hi I was reading a post that was from 2007 about a very large vise you saw locally. By any chance os the darn thing still there? 612 413 2204
    Saw your thread on buying a CNC. What kind of parts are you running? My dad and I own a shop, we'd be interested in quoting your parts. On a 1,000 piece order, depending on complexity, we run approximately a month turn around. We're used to quick turnarounds, most all of what we do is for the nuclear industry.

    I am just learning to use the surface grinder I recently purchased, (DoAll 612) and came across an old post you made from September of last year. Would like to have some wheels to play with and learn on and I'm wondering if you still have some wheels you would like to sell?

    " I am going to solve all your problems I just got about 1000 grinding wheels of all kinds and I want to sell them cheap some new some old I am thinking 2 new wheels and 4-5 used in a flat rate box for 10 bucks plus shipping. Now you can stock tons of wheels and not have to worry about the cost. Sorry for the hijacking."

    Gaylan Moushon
    I dont know if he would appreciate it. I kind of consider him my crash test dummy even though he is a couple of years younger. His business is the reason I have no employees. There is at least one major fuck up every week, this week two of his workers got arrested for soliciting an undercover cop at a strip club for sex while at work and then the topper to situation was they were drunk and had drugs in the truck. At least he got his truck back. He really misses his illegal aliens they just showed up to work and stayed out of trouble.
    The vise is gone and the place went out of business, that was the biggest vise I have ever seen. it was in bad shape but I still wish I had bought it.
    Hi - I spotted an old post you had on here where you said there was a junk store in Tuscon that had a huge prentiss vise. Is it still for sale? I would love to know. I collect vises especially big ones and I do not have a big prentiss. Even if the vise is gone i would like to know where this place is. I am from Kansas but I have a good friend in Tuscon who has a Titan II missile base he opened and is turinig into a house. I have been out there to help him but never got to scour around to see any surplus stores. They are little gold mines for addicts like myself. Anyway please let me know.
    Brad Smith
    [email protected]
    My Lathe came with all the accesories I do have a steady and a traveling steady they are pretty straight forward I will get my wife to post some pics for you.

    What accessories do you have with your 1030F lathe? Looking for someone who has the 6" steady to copy. Thanks,
    How did you get the arbors out of it. Mine has a drawbar which should release the arbor with a quick rap on the bar. Mine is stuck and I am afraid to whail on it for fear of breaking it. Is there a procedure to remove the arbor that you know of.

    [email protected]
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