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  • Todd,
    Hello, I read in this forum you published in 2013 you had documentation for the SIP-1-EE EDM, do you still have it, I would like to know if is there a way to get a copy of the manuals you have, if possible, best regards.
    greetings Todd
    I recently took delivery of a Mitsui Seiki 4B jig borer. I have zero documentation on this machine. Any chance you would have informative paper on this series?

    all good wishes

    What do you think of the Deckel ?? Is this a machine you would buy?
    Where would I get any needed tooling?
    Bill Kimbrough
    Yes it the Deckel from Northwood. I can't use it as the ratio are wrong for my application. Still haven't totally got the bird poo off of it. Doug
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