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Another DC Drive Thread


Jan 10, 2020
So I think I've read most of the DC drive threads, but I'm still trying to understand the basic controls used during a the Parker 514C conversion.

My WIAD drive is long gone, so all I have is the small frame motor.

Can the Parker 514C, provide braking when the run is turned off (i.e. the ELSR handle is switched to the stop position) while the speed control remains in the same position?

Has anyone developed a single knob speed control that controls the armature to full speed then starts reducing the field? I'm not interested in having two pots tied together with weed eater string.

Does the Bardac 3600XRi/32LL and the Sprint 3600XRi/32LL have the same configuration / control restrictions?

The reason I ask about the Bardac and Sprint is that they seem to be available within the US, Most of the Parkers have to be shipped in from the UK or China (Ebay). Has anyone actually bought one of the Ebay Parker 514C from China?

I look forward to your comments / experience.

During discussions with several tech support guys, one suggested placing the stop / start control switch in series with the speed pot. This would allow the speed to be ramped to a stop. Do you see any downside to that configuration?
Thermite mentioned mentioned EverettEng, I think he meant me. I have the Parkers and I came up with a relay arrangement so I have full ELSR functionality, and I have approx 1.5 second brake-to-stop regardless of whether running in full field or field weakened.

I have designed a single knob control to control two pots, not complicated, but so far I have not spent the time to make it, and it has not been an issue to me. Either I am running below 1150, or I am running above 1150, but no part so far has needed to vary in between. So the issue of turning the first pot to full, and then turning the second pot, really hasn't been a burden.