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Chevalier ED-252


Dec 18, 2014
Is there anyone out there who has a Chevalier ED-252 sinker ? I bought one and have the manual but, since it is written by people who don't really understand the English language it doesn't help much.
I have had it rough burning but the finish burning appears to burn but it really doesn't remove the material it should for the 6-8 amps I am using. I have success in my friends Victor EDM on the same work pieces but I am looking for some phone conversation or other to help explain what I am missing in getting this machine to work properly. I do mostly tool & die work. Last time I set it up with an electrode approximately 2 1/2" x 5" it was pulsing and moving down slowly but no burning sound, black soot and slight bubbles slowly leaching out around the electrode that I usually see. After 2 hrs I raised the electrode and it had hardly burned anything. Almost like there was not enough servo pressure. I didn;t see much on the amp gauge but at 8 intermittent amps that isn't unusual. Anyone out there have some experience with this machine ?