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Fusion + Haas VF with trunnion issue


May 8, 2014
New Jersey USA
Hi all,

I'm kind of stuck.
I'm using a Haas VF3YT with a TR160 trunnion with DWO/TCPC enabled. I probed the trunnion and copied the MRZP settings to the micro variables section.
I have my machine setup in Fusion and best I can tell my axes all behave appropriately and I've had no issues running 3+2 stuff with the G254 command in the past (but the trunnion was pulled off until recently). Now I've put it back on and I'm trying to do G234 now and I'm struggling.

The problem I keep having is I'm trying to use the pencil tool path to engrave some letters on a concave surface and the A and C axes appear to work perfectly, but I'm milling a good 2 inches to the right of the part rather than where it should be. It seems like the X and Y axes aren't following the part rotation. I.E. if the part wasn't rotated 89 degrees it would be in the correct location.

I'm using the center of the trunnion platter as 0 and the top of the platter as Z zero and the jig bolted to the trunnion was milled using these so I'm confident my G54 is correct. It seems like TCPC isn't working?

When I post it doesn't zero the A or C axes and it calls G234 after it turns them, which according to the Haas website is wrong. However I changed it as shown below and it didn't seem to help anything. It still milling off to the right side of my part.

A sample of the code :

(Using high feed G1 F500. instead of G0.)
(T18 D=0.055 CR=0.0275 - ball end mill)
N10 G90 G94 G17
N15 G20
N20 G53 G0 Z0.

N25 T18 M6
N30 S10000 M3
N35 G17 G90 G94
N40 G54
N45 G53 G0 X-28.19 Y0. A0. C0.
N50 M11
N55 M13
N65 M8
N70 G254
N75 G1 X-0.0085 Y-3.1835 F500.
N80 G255
N85 G0 G234 H18
N86 G0 A13.095 C87.392
N90 X2.6118 Y-0.1275 Z2.81
N95 G1 Z1.9113 F500.
N100 X2.617 Y-0.1277 Z1.8887
N105 X2.6351 Y-0.1286 Z1.8108 F1.
N110 X2.6353 Z1.8095 F3.
N115 X2.6357 Y-0.1283 Z1.8079
N120 X2.6363 Y-0.1275 Z1.8063
N125 X2.637 Y-0.1261 Z1.8051
N130 X2.6375 Y-0.1243 Z1.8045
N135 X2.638 Y-0.1227
N140 X2.6383 Y-0.1212 Z1.8047 A13.096 C87.423
N145 X2.6386 Y-0.12 Z1.8049 A13.097 C87.449
N150 X2.6387 Y-0.1193 Z1.8051 A13.098 C87.464
N155 X2.6395 Y-0.1155 Z1.8057 A13.102 C87.547
N160 X2.6403 Y-0.1118 Z1.8058 A13.105 C87.629
N165 X2.6405 Y-0.1113 Z1.8057 C87.639
N170 X2.6412 Y-0.108 Z1.8058 A13.108 C87.711


Any thoughts or ideas are welcome. I'm sure I'm doing something stupid, I just can't figure out what.
I figured it out....
Complete brain fart on my part.

When I went to copy the info from the macro variable page to the machine settings I did it backwards and copied the old machine settings to the macro variable page.

I didn't think about it it until I was talking to someone about how you probe the trunnion and realized it was possible I messed up, so I redid it and sure enough. TCPC was working fine, based on the garbage I gave it.