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Hard Anodizing


Cast Iron
Jan 3, 2013
Erie, CO
Anyone grind Hard Anodizing? I have a part that has high edges along with the center. Not sure on how to approach, I don’t really want to strip the part and start over. There is a plate that pushes up against this low in the center part.
May end up going through the anodizing on top and bottom edges. Reasonably sure it type 2. I will able to measure it tomorrow.
Looking at around .0004”. I used a black hard stone and it just barely hits the outside edges. There is nothing touching in the center.


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This was a relatively common repair method where I worked. We'd bore the OS bore a few thousandths over, then have it hard anodized. It'd be jig ground for size and position to finish. It's important you don't grind through the anodize anywhere around the bore. Used a conventional wheel but you'll redress frequently.
The bore on the hole is ok. It just a matter of having the back flat and square with the sides. There is a flat plate that pushes against the inside face of the body.