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How to Verify Air Oil Getting to Spindle on a Fadal


Cast Iron
May 25, 2016
USA Prescott , Arizona
I have a Fadal 4020 made in 1995. Seller said it has a 10k air oil spindle. I didn't get a book with the machine and the .pdf manuals I'm seeing online don't have any pertinent info on air oil spindles and are for new models. I'm not even seeing what grade oil to use. I called Fadal and they said they can sell me the manual but are going to check check to see if it has relevant info on the air oil system.

Any idea what I need to be looking for to ensure the spindle is getting proper lubrication?
first i would double check to verify it is air/oil spindle is there a 2nd oil reservoir back by the lube tank? i thought all 7500 & 10k spindles were grease pack. i have several 15k air/oil spindles but all 10k are grease packed in our fleet. the air/oil systems use very little oil compared to say the lube systems.
I think I might be on a wild goose chase. I said the seller said it had an air oil spindle but I may have confused that with the other mill I bought at the same time. I was thinking the oilers on the top of the enclosure were for the spindle but now that I'm looking at it maybe its for a 4th and 5th axis?


The box in the back next to the way lube tank and under the main power box says #6 spindle oil but I don't see where you would put the oil? Why would have someone have written #6 spindle here?


On the spindle nose there is the 3/8 coolant line and above that a .156 clear plastic line that blows air when the spindle is on but no sign of oil. I assume this is the plain air one to just keep coolant and debris out. I have the sheet metal cover off the head and near the top of the spindle I can see the 3/8 coolant line and another .156 clear plastic line. I'm not seeing any other air lines going to the spindle. The bottom of the spindle nose says C4 21967. I was not able to find anything searching the internet for that.

All I'm after is to make sure everything is in working order before I start running this machine that has been in storage. I went through the way lube system and now I'm wanting to make sure I don't kill the spindle. This is my first VMC.
def looks like an oil setup for the spindle but never seen one like that on a fadal most of the time the reservoir is right back by the lube tank. maybe spindle was changed out at some point and this system was an add on? if i remember tomorrow i'll take a couple pictures of one our 15k air/oil systems on the fadal.
Wired for a 4th/5th axis? And drive cards in it?

Seems there's an air line to my 4th. Purge for the bearings to keep coolant out?

Been away from it too long ...
Yes I think it's wired for a 4th and 5th.

I'm only tracking down two 5/32 air lines going to the spindle which as far as I have found it was an air/oil spindle it would have more than two air lines to it.

I feel like a dunce.
On my haas I simply pull the air oil line directly where it couple into the spindle.

Then I put it into a water bottle where the cap is drilled out to snugly for the air/oil line. Another larger hole is made to allow air to escape.

I then tape the clear water bottle at the same height /angle that it was attaching to the mill in an attempt to keep all things equal.
I then run the mill at 20 rpm for X hours (5?)
Haas states the bottle after X hours should contain 1 tsp of oil. If not the system is not working correctly.