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Kitamura versus Okuma

I would love to get the Okuma M460V-5ax but it's a bit out of my price range. The Kitamura Mycenter-3XVT and Okuma Genos M560 with a Koma trunnion are the two I've narrowed it down to (due to price, both right around 200K) and comparable service. They are both trunnion 5 axis machines which isn't my ideal machine but it's all my pocket book will allow. I have Haas TR160 trunnions right now which are a big pain in the rear so going to another trunnion makes me a bit nervous but figure the quality and accuracy will be better with these two brands? Anybody with experience on these specific machines it'd be great to hear from? Thanks!
I think the Microdynamics (With the 4+1 control. Simulatious on any 4 axes at a time but not 5) is quite a bit cheaper than the quotes you have but I only have the price from the distributor here in Taiwan. I did meet the US distributors however and they seemed like a solid team. My almost new machine was well under 100,000 USD with just 14 hours of cut time.
Kitamura is a pretty awesome company to deal with, we have 5 of their machines that have been run hard and I'm super happy with them. I call Kitamura USA anytime I need help and they provide me with trouble shooting, typically always have an answer by the time I get off the phone with them. Machines are mostly 1998-2002 year machines with one from 1990 that runs great.

Hopefully one day I can buy something newer from them.

All this being said, your local dealer and their knowledge and proximity is an important consideration.

I was just asking the guys at Kitamura a couple questions today and stumbled across this post and figure I should mention they are awesome.