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M660v set tool dia data?


Oct 13, 2014
Kelowna, Canada
M660v with osp 300m.

This has had me stumped for a while, and I can’t find anything in the manuals (not to say it’s not there)

How the heck do you set tool diameter in the tool data?

I’ve tried putting an offset in the radius geometry, no dice.

I can’t add any endmill/flutes/ length data at all, as it just wants me to select a tool model file.

It would make it a lot easier to find tools in the list. Were a job shop so it will be a constant stream of tools in and out.

Also, can you change the columns in magazine and tool data to show the name of the tool?

Thanks for any help!
So are we. My advice is to not use that tool manager.
It's one of those things that I personally have never needed on my M560v mills.
I mostly just want to have the diameter in the tool data list so it's easier to see what's loaded in the machine.
Paging through every tool to see what's there is a bit of a pain.