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Rockwell 28-365 Drive pulley clutch question.


I have a 20" Rockwell 28-365 variable speed bandsaw with a ball bearing driven drive pulley with a Reeves vari speed. I am sure many here have the same saw. It is undergoing a restoration and I will post some pics in the near future when it is complete. The question I have is when setting up the drive pulley ball bearing drive what is the clearance between the ball holder and the pulley? How much tension should be on the springs to slip when starting (if any) or if the blade is jammed to a sudden stop? Take a look at the pics and you will see what I am asking about.


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I had a Rockwell 28-500, 20" bandsaw for a while and if it had this clutch in it, I never knew it. (I worked on the vari-speed, but not the wheel bearing) I had a similar emergency clutch in my Clausing lathe. In that case, they would only come into play when there would be a crash of the cross feed. I am doubtful that these would be made to slip at startup.
A short video of my variable speed after I repaired it.



Jack, The drive pulley in your video has a different hub than mine. I am thinking this was a basterdized setup on mine and the ball bearings are only acting as a thrust bearing??? It has to be set very loose otherwise the gearbox will not turn. I replaced the brass dogs inside the gearbox because they were worn on one side. It runs like a champ now.