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TesaHite preset via serial?


Jun 5, 2020
Is there a way to send a "preset" value using the serial port on a TesaHite?

I am integrating a TesaHite 400 Magna into my workflow. I have a serial connection from the height gage to a PC and a USB remote display. The display is for prompting the operator. Once you have data on the computer, it's easy to do calculations. In the pictures, you can see the setup for measuring an angle accurately. At 3 locations, 2 measurements are taken. Then a least-squares fit is performed and converted to an angle.

I'd like to add a center-line feature where you measure the center of 2 holes and the computer finds the center line. If I could then send that center line as a preset, it would be really slick. Otherwise I'll just prompt the operator to enter it manually.

I did look in the manual but it's fairly sparse in the "bidirectional" options. I wondered if anyone knew of an undocumented feature. For some reason, there's a electronic-height-gage size hole in the internet.


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