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The infamous South Bend 1307

Ted--Thank you!
I assume that your machine has a metric gearing chart inside the end cover, ours has. If you ever get to that point, I reverse engineered the number of teeth on the chart--which are only given as SB part #'s-- and made gears. In reality, there are only two that I think ever got used, inspite of making a lot of foreign car parts, and other metric stuff, on the machine.


Hello Herb,

I would appreciate your sharing any info you have on those metric QC gears that you made for your 1307. I own the 1307 that Petras mentioned (which came from PA) and I would like to acquire the gearing for metric thread cutting. Here's a picture of that chart you are mentioning.

Thanks, Alex.

1307 QC gearbox.jpg
Metric change gears for South Bend 1307


It does not look like my father is going to reply to this, so I'll post a picture. It is just a splined hub and gears with two small screws to hold it against a shoulder. All made in aluminum for expediency and the fact that we did not expect to cut a lot of metric threads. Very simple construction, as you can see. I did not look at the chart inside the cover to see if all the optional gears were made, but did make the following:

#160077 59T
#160072 55T
#160067 51T
#160062 47T

As you will note, also stamped the SB part numbers on the gears for convenience when using the chart to figure out the correct thread.



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1307 again Sidney this time

Been reading this thread and enjoying it as I have a Sidney 1307 It obviously is the earliest version of the 1307, mine interestingly enough is serial number 13070001 So I have to wonder is it very first and is it the actual one in the operators manual picture. The manual is almost hand made like a prototype
sidney 1307

Never seen a picture of the Sidney version.


Here is a pic from my manual, Heck of a machine, replaceable tool steel ways, oil pump on tail-stock, full pressure lube to head stock, feed box and change gears. I will post pics when restoration is done.


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Oh man I just picked one of these up. Sn13070015 no manual though. I did pick up the south end manual, but this machine is different. Did you find the manual online? I'd really like to get a hold of that, since I can't find anything on this machine.
Very interesting thread. I've always wanted a 1307. It's nice to know that they were being produced by South Bend. I always thought they were produced by Sidney and rebadged for South Bend.

I saved these Sidney pictures from an ebay ad. Maybe they will shed some light.
If not they are just nice to look at.


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A few more.


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Thank you for posting those, very interesting. The castings look so similar, excepting a few minor changes here and there, that I wonder if South Bend utilized the same foundry/patterns as Sidney? Most of the differences are the component parts and machined bits. Changed slightly to simplify (for example the carrige clutch levers are no nearly as elaborate on the SB) or to update the styling ten years forward to the late sixties.