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  • The info that I gave you prior was my experience with dead length, and all that I had used had a cap on the end that would capture fines and pack them to the point of reducing grip. These were all of the design of say:

    A Brownie, Greenlee, and Swiss type collet:


    Or even a B-65:


    420 max character - see page II
    Page 2:

    These all are of the same bloodline. They are push to close, but Schidt can git in and limit the stroke of the sliding sleeve.
    But I just got in a cpl of Nakamura's and they have a dead length chuck that does not have a cap, and thus - should not have any issues with grit packing.

    I ended up getting a Royal dead length Quick Grip QG-80 set-up..
    Dang the collets are spendy.
    I got your welcome to the site and I replied but I should have said it was Nate. I was curious at fisrt how you knew I was to to the site till I started seeing others welcome me as well.
    TTD August NHMS Blue Group Adam in traffic - YouTube

    What I do for fun
    Hey Adam, long time no see! Haven't seen you around the GibbsCam forum in a while.
    Shrunk down to avatar size that'd probably be perfect!

    (P.S: There's nothing wrong with your personal photo, it's just that Tool Cat had that special "cool" factor.:smoking:)
    Maybe this one
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