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Best Tap Brand debate.


Apr 26, 2023
I've been in the machining world for about 15 years, and our shop has carried a variety of tap brands throughout the years. For the best bang for your buck what brand is your favorite? Mine was always nachi and guhring, but over the years OSG has really held their own.
Pick one. All big brand name mfg's have really good taps.
A brand that probably has the largest selection with excellent quality is Emuge.

OSG, Guhring and Sandvik taps I've been using for decades. No complaints.
I hate endorsing a whole line of tools from any brand.
Some "series" of taps are good from a brand, but I know there are also series from the same brand that I have not liked.
OSG, EMUGE, and GUHRING are my go to brands, but there are also series in these brands that I hate.
I was interviewed for a position of model shop manager at world leading medical company. I asked what cutters they used, YG the best in the world. Not at dig at you Sami. I used YG when I first started using solid carbide and although they are not OSG they were a damn sight better than the Pilot crap that I had worked with. Locally we have Suttons which I never buy as they are so hard that they chip really easily. Another good brand is Hahnreiter. A really good brand for general work is FEW from French engineering works in South Africa obviously well priced.
Experience tells me also, the first tap you use for a job will be the best, it will last for hundreds of holes. Then once you are forced to replace it every other tap will chip, snap, pack up chips and just be a horrid pain in the ass and only get a few dozen holes even though it came in the same packaging as the first tap.
Hands down Emuge,but expensive and their catalog gives me a headache and takes
a lot of time to figure out what is the best tap for the material.
Maybe its just me