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Thanks Alloy! Will contact them next week. How have the machines worked for You Mike?
I think I am gonna have a blast with it.
The guys at Ominturn are still there and they repair and rebuild their stuff. In 15 years with 2 machines we have had the need for only 3 repairs. Probaby $3000 for the whole time. One thousand dollars for each ten years of service is pretty good I think. Our 2 have been in continuous use and made millions of parts by now. I bought an Hardinge HXL (16C) for $500.00 that I hope to install a new unit on shortly.
I think the ones I run are great for small stuff and 2nd ops. Quick to get set up, easy to program. Good repeatability, as long as your nice to them.

There are downsides; ours have a 9" CRT. They are for small parts but only have 3000 RPM, it's gang tooled which has it's drawbacks, the code is a little old school G01 instead of G1. It's hard (for me) to write a post for it because tools work on both sides of the work piece.

All in all they make money all day, and lights out with a feeder, and affordable. I think they're great.