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Van Norman 1V


Oct 20, 2009
I have had to convert my VN 1v collet system to a R8.Getting the correct collets in the UK is a nightmare.With the R8 I loose a little rigidity.I can get metric and imperial collets from most engineering shops and they are not to costly.I have kepted the arbors for my 4 tiped 50mm rose cutter.I think that I have just picked up the bargain of the year.A D`andrea TA120.Someone must have scraped a job and took it out on the B`head,breaking the handle and all the knobs.It was sold as spares £70 -no boring bars and box.I have started building it up and every thing works .Quick traverce and 2 feeds.Quite a bit of equipment.I cant get any picture of mill and boring head on the forum.They are on photobucket http://s1234.photobucket.com/albums/ff419/carphil13/
SAM_0701_Edited.jpgSAM_0704_Edited_0001.jpgSAM_0673.jpgSAM_0699_Edited.jpgSAM_0701_Edited.jpgSAM_0704_Edited_0001.jpgSAM_0673.jpgSAM_0699.JPGI seem to have worked out how to down load.D`andrea wanted a fortune to refurbish.I have bored a 50mm x 30 deep hole and faced it.Busy making up b-bars for O/D`s regards phil
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