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Design question overhead cable track


Cast Iron
Nov 10, 2008
AB, Canada
Have a design question. Putting up a batting cage inside a shop we have on the property. Pretty common design, where the cage (55' long, 14' wide) will hang from three 3/16 or 1/4" cables running the length of the shop.

One end is simple, attach the cables straight to the a convenient header in the wall. The opposite end is tricky because I have to work around an overhead door.

The tracks for this door, go straight up, so I was planning to build a "rail" of some kind that is offset (approx 10") from the wall to clear the door track.

Because it not be supported against the wall at the cable attaching points, the rail has to be strong enough to withstand the forces from the cable tension to hold it tight, sag free over a 60' span. The weight of the netting is 110 lbs.

So my question lies in what my best choice for material would be for the rail. I usually over build things, but would like to keep this as light as possible. I'm just not sure what the forces may be in this case. Thought it would be interesting to get some schooling on how to figure it out.

Here is a drawing to visualize my question.

Thanks for any input relative to the quandary!


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Spanco track, if you want way over capacity for your needs.
Uninstrut for here now and cheaper. Still strong for your use.
I like unistrut, the little roller trolly things are great, surprising low price on the hilti stainless channel.
The din rail one is fairly strong too.