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Fagor 8055T Dead battery. Restore Problems


Feb 15, 2006
Republic of Texas
Fagor 8055

Fagor 8055T. Dead battery, again. Reloaded all parameters from "Card A" as before.

Not getting the usual results. On Jog screen, X axis runs away to hard stop beyond home position, then shows X axis following error. Several pushes of ESC button clears the error. Try to move with handwheel causes rapid return to hard stop and error popping up again. Cable bad? Encoder bad? Drive bad?

Also, when trying to load program or parameters fron PC to machine get a "Transmission error". Windnc seems to recognize that it is hooked up to machine, but doesn't read anything on machine, giving the same transmission error. Bad cable? Not enough info in machine?
Nothing has changed with PC or cable nhat I'm aware of, since shut down two weeks ago.

Your thoughts, please.