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I've been erased??!!


Apr 12, 2011
pennsylvania USA
:toetap:Recently I posted a reply in this forum with my completely positive comments on training that I had received from another member here, along with my recommendation that others check him out. Those comments, as well as his reply, have been erased. No trace, gone from both of our posting records, as well. Have I run afoul of some rule on postings? I haven't received any messages, warnings, or notices from any moderator...
My impression of this, or any, forum was to share our knowledge, experiences, and sources of help with and for others in our field.....

i have noticed some replies with web site links end up getting deleted.
does not seem to matter if you are not selling anything.
for example someone asked how much a blacksmith anvil was worth and had a picture. i replied with 2 links to 2 different web sites selling blacksmith supplies. reply was gone the next day.
also any thing that mentions c n c z o n e c o m not sure why thats not allowed