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Kitamura Mycenter 1 - value? +-?

Hello Millacron my name is Tom and I'm new to this forum. I was reading through all of the older forums posted and came accross this one. I work for a company that has 2 Kitamura's and we are in the process of trying to get more holders for them. I was wondering if you still have any of these holders for sale?

If you still have some could you please shoot me an email?
Again My name is Tom Carroll and my email is: [email protected]

Thanks in advance!
Milacron, I would be interested in the 36 end mill holders- $12 each, so you still have them for sale?


Here's some pictures. In picture 1, on left side, bottom and middle shelf are no. 40 tool holders but the rest are BT35...aprox 100 total BT35.

34 long collet holders- $25 each
8 short collet holders- $25 each
36 end mill holders- $12 each
12 Nikken no. 1 QC tap chucks w/ no tap holder- $25 each
2 Nikken no. 2 QC tap chucks w/ no tap holder- $60 each
3 Nikken no. 2 clutch type tap holders- $25 each
1 Tapmatic N/C-R tapping head (1/4 inch cap)- $165
1 Tapmatic N/C-R00 tapping head (no. 10 cap) - $145
6 collet holders missing screw caps- $10 each

Some of the Nikken quick change tap chucks are missing outter sleves but still work. Keep in mind Nikken tap holders are slightly different diameter than Bilz so you have to use Nikken tap holders with these. I have a dozen or so no. 1 Nikken tap holders (clutch type) I would sell cheap but can't remember where they are at the moment.

You must buy min. $300 of any combo and cannot pick sizes on end mill holders...just not worth my time to pick thru them. The pull studs are for Matsuura, but obviously can be changed. Assuming all this adds up to $2,347 (check my math) will sell the whole lot for $2,000.