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Mazak QT10-T2 Lathe help with first screen on monitor


Nov 23, 2022
Hello, I have a Mazak QT10-T2 control lathe, I had to replace the battery and lost the information that shows up on the first screen ,up on top says I/O check and next to it says M-Monitor, does anyone have these numbers for this screen so I can input them in, any information would be greatly appreciated.
Wrong. You need to do T2 control re-initialization and after manually type all your parameters from electrical diagram book and NC parameters
Yes, reinitialize your control. Sometimes you have to do it a couple or few times for it to "take". (Search the web for the procedure.) Re-initialization clears all the memory, so you will lose your programs, tool data, and parameters.

However, there are only 3 pages of parameters for the T-2, so they are easy to key in!

And with practice, Mazatrol programs are fast to create...and optimization is easy.

And this is just some of the many things that makes the Mazatrol T2 a fantastic control, especially considering the era.

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thank you for the reply, I have the bulletin 0989-002 and did the procedure as follows and nothing happens.
a) Press Param.
b) Press yellow key third from right.
c) type in 1131 and input.

I did this several times and nothing happens, am I doing something wrong? please advise thank you.