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Some shop items to sell

I know, this thread is getting too long.
Go back and read the first post #1.
All the answers should be there.
Just interesting.
These are two early Armstrong holders. Pat 1893
The dark one must be older as No. 1 is stamped on.
Shiney one is cast in, but has more character. That one has seen some use.

I would be interested in this one if still available (bottom one).



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I just got in and am going to bed in a few minutes. My box was on the doorstep when I got home. Weighs a ton, and arrived in good shape judging by outside. I'll unpack it tomorrow. Goodnight!
Can give us an update on what you have left if anything?
Here is what is left besides the lantern tool holders and boring bars.
Almost all of them are still available.
To find out the particulars, scroll back in this thread and you should find the information.

IMG_1467 - Copy.jpg
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