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Test My Shop Photos

That's a wonderful picture but this really isn't the best forum for that lathe. Have you looked for hobby forums? The folks here will burrow up your sphincter and devour your transverse colon, so save yourself some anal pain and hit the home shop sites. I'm not a doctor, but I have watched a bunch of General Hospital soaps.:)

Good luck Mr. Murphy.

Dr. Mueller
< fecal matter foto surpressed> Modified Grizzly Lathe ^^^ Shaped Object

Not enough heat.

You need at least the melting point of contaminated scrap Iron to properly "modify" a Grisely LSO (Lathe Shaped Object).

Which annoys the chick'ns and addles their eggs.

So PM doesn't even ALLOW the discussion of such filth.

Machinery Discussion Guidelines

How to redeem yourself?

Edit <delete> click the dot. Apology optional.

Hit delete to confirm.

Transgression removed.

You even get to keep your ass.

What's not to like?