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Uniforce clamps. 1/4 X 20 and 8X32


Feb 12, 2012
The warm desert of Phoenix Arizona
They are new in unlabeled bags,

These have a round wedge unlike the Mitee Bite which have a tapered wedge.
The 1/4x20 are very similar to Mitee Bite 8693A62. 6 to a package $33 per bag plus shipping. 4 available
20240430_132426.jpg 20240430_132448.jpg 20240430_132451.jpg

The 8 X 32 are a little shorter than the 8693A61 @ only .500 tall as opposed to 37/64. 8 in a package $25 per bag plus shipping.15 bags left for sale.
20240430_132623.jpg 20240430_132636.jpg

Also is a bag of 50 plus aluminum extrusions of a very small size
L=.234, W=.184, H=.185, and the hole is a #51 drill size or .067. $15 for the bag plus shipping

20240430_135039.jpg 20240430_134730.jpg
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They were sold to me as Mitee Bite.. But there are no labels anywhere so I do not feel comfortable calling them such.
They came from an online buy. By the time they got here I had a different idea for the project using stuff on hand.
Instead of sitting on a shelf here I decided to find them a new home.