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Sean S

Dec 20, 2000
Coos Bay, OR
The Wanted Section

Please be specific and describe the part as well of you can if it is not obvious. Dimensions, catalog photos, placement and purpose will all help those of us with "spare parts" boxes to figure out what it is. List the model and style (ie 2 dial FP-1) and post a photo of the broken part if that is what you have.
Don't assume anyone knows the part you are talking about...assume it is some old lady in another country who is searching through her late husband's spare parts box.

If the part is small, please consider the person's time to find it for you and ship it.

If anyone is successful in obtaining their item, please delete your post or ask me to do it, or edit your post to add "found", giving credit to where you found it.

Good Luck!
Wanted, collets for my GK12 I have a 3/16 and really need a 1/8 but would like to have even more if I can find them.
I am looking for an original Deckel electrical cabinet and motor to go with a round dial FP1. Machine number is 50941. I've occasionally seen members offer them up for sale after doing a VFD conversion.
Looking for the end of the extended arm that appears to ride against the spindle of my just-acquired older Deckel GK21, Serial #6857;looks like it is intended to create tension for the belt driving the spindle. Also need a parts manual and an owner's/operator's manual. Any counsel or advice would be most welcome to this novice with the "new" machine that needs restoring.
Thanks very much,
Looking for accessories for FP-1;
Universal table
Rotary table
Shaper head
High speed head
Spiral miilling attachment
Spanner nut for the SOE collet adapter
SOE collets
Horizontal spindle cover
40 taper tooling and collets, I have only one collet
I know it's a long list but with my new to me Deckel I have just basic tooling now.
You can email here; [email protected] or send a PM.
Thanks for any help, Kevin.
anybody have an extra black plastic hand wheel that might fit an fp3? I was going to turn one, but it would be nice to have an original.

Hi Markus,

Try Ganter Griff. Their website is: http://www.ganter-griff.com/. I'm pretty sure they're an oem supplier for a few european manufacturers. Some of their stuff looks awfully familiar. I rang the Australian distributor today regarding a project of mine and the handwheels are sold individually. Good luck,