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agie classic 2s question


Apr 12, 2011
pennsylvania USA
I'm trying to pick my way through with an Agie classic that my company just picked up. No real training yet, and the manuals aren't all that complete with their descriptions. My question at this point is this: what do I have to do to get it to part off my slug when it tells me that the requested operation can't be executed? I'm expected to get this machine running somewhat, and training is probably a couple of weeks away...
Thanks in advance for any help you can give!
Are you telling the machine the slugs are ready for removal. If not, the page were the programs are activated, go to the corner and click the second page (i think) highlight your program you are running right click mouse (i think) and should be a drop down menu which says something like slugs ready for removal or something like that click it and you should be good.I am going from memory so i could be wrong on location of menu, and i don't have my machine powered up right now to check.Hope this helps. Later Jason.

Hi, this is quite easy.

I guess the message says drop out part claming required.

Select job in piece list.
Select machining symbol which is second icon along next to the piece icon
Drop down to the machining symbol in the machining tree.
Right click with mouse
Select drop out part fixed

This should now run

After de slugging, message should then say drop out part removed

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