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Another "build your own motorcycle" project


that bike pic was in my last AMA mag. "kind sets the bar pretty high" was part of the caption.

I agree.
That's the small aero radial out of Australia, so while an interesting project and very nicely done it isn't quite the same (to me) as a "build most/all of a motor" project. There's another one of those small radials in a bike that has the crankshaft mounted transversely.

I especially like the ample ground clearance. :D I've seen this bike up close and personal and for what it is , is very nicely done. I think it is a Jesse James piece.
Don't you Americans care about, yes I must admit futile things, as cornering, braking and rideability in general? Or is it just:"Let's make another mantlepiece"? I see on the picture a complete missing front brake system, rear will also be skipped as a totally unnessary weight adder. I can't understand all this cost (look only at the CNC'd front wheel) and labour invested in an essentially transporting motorbike, which only can be admired if it's transported to the admiring place. The bike shown has a potential of maybe 200mph, yet it is already dangerous standing still.
Look man it's just cool If you don't get it, that's OK.

Kinda like Pam Anderson. Too much of anything can be nice to glance at from time to time, regardless of if it works well or not.

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Don't you Americans care about...cornering, braking and rideability in general?

Americans invented the expression Bar to bar is plenty far! Bikes of this type & style are known, for that reason, as bar hoppers.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, is cooler than a chopper. Practical - no. Cool - waaaay cool.
Barry Milton
Interesting Michael

I particulary like the motorcycle section in their offerings

"Production of lathed, millcut and cast parts"

I have a particular affinity for lathing as opposed to turning, I'm somehow sure that in these modern times lathed parts would command much higher rewards than turned parts. ;)


I blame it on the Discovery Channel for making that show American Chopper showing that anybody with a motorcycle catalog, dead blow hammer and welder can make a motorcycle.

At least I can ride mine instead of having it be trailered everyplace, pushed to the place it sits until it has to be pushed back onto the trailer.